Student Services Team

It is our goal that our students are educated in a school community where everyone belongs and is accepted. Every attempt is made to educate students with special education needs in the least restrictive educational environment. Our primary goal is to integrate these students into general education classes; however, we make accommodations, modifications and provide supplementary aids and services to support our students.

Dr. Ellen Swanson

Assistant Superintendent of Student Services
(847) 824-1160

Margarite Beniaris

Director of Westerhold Early Learning Center & Student Services
(847) 824-1074

Erica Cupuro

Student Services Coordinator - School Psychology Department Chair
(847) 789-5915

Kristan Krupinski

Student Services Coordinator - Speech, Language, & Pathology Department Chair
(847) 789-5189

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Stacy LaMarca

Student Services Coordinator - Health Services Department Co-Chair
(847) 789-5783

Rose Slivka

Student Services Coordinator - Social Work Department Chair
(847) 789-5777

Erin Ballman

Assistive Technology Specialist
(847) 824-8285

Elizabeth Budzik

Vision & Orientation/Mobility Department Chair
(847) 824-1451

Mary Molenda

OT/PT Department Chair
(847) 824-1159

Donna Zenger

Health Services Department Co-Chair
(847) 824-4901

Jeanine Creviston

Administrative Assistant to the Department of Student Services
(847) 824-1159

Lisa Fitzpatrick

Administrative Assistant to the Department of Student Services
(847) 824-1247